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Appsol Information System is a software engineering and IT Consulting company that uses technology to make life simple through innovation and immense tactfulness. We specialize in the development and deployment of full-stack enterprise applications and services for corporate organizations and individuals. Our team of highly skilled individuals are available to provide consultation services in software development and procurement, networking infrastructure design and implementation

Web Applications Development

We design custom made web applications for our clientelle. Our vast knowledge in programming, design and engineering is coagulated into the whole design process.

Mobile Applications Development

Mobile applications have now become essential to our routine lifestyle. We design location based services, banking, order-tracking and mobile automation applications.

Network Solutions

Get connected and stay connected. We provide state of the art solutions to make business and personal networks very productive. We deploy MPLS, VPNs, we also carry out penetration tests.

Search Engine Optimisation

We implement strategies to increase inbound traffic, improve search engine rankings that culminates into higher conversion rates for our customers.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

We implement social media strategies that greatly enhance brand recognition through constant engagement with a broad audience of customers.

IT Consultancy Services

Relieve yourself of the burden of managing your IT support services. Think about maximizing your worth as a business and we will take care of all your IT needs as a business.

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